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Co-Signer Application And Agreement

This form is step 1 of the Co-Signer application process. Once you complete the application, step 2 will be to pay your application fee. You do have the option of paying the co-signer application fee online or bringing it into our office. Step 3 is to upload supporting documents (payroll, copy of drivers license) in PDF or JPEG format. You will also have the option of bringing those into our office. If you plan to upload the documents, please have them ready before starting the application process.

Co-Signer Applications are considered incomplete until all 3 steps have been performed. We must recieve your application, application fee and supporting documents before we will begin processing your co-signer application.


Property Co-Signing For *


Last Name *
First Name *
Gender *
Maiden / Other names used if any
Date of Birth *    (ex. MM-DD-YYYY)
SSN / SIN * (ex. 111223333)
Driver License Number *    
Driver License State Issued *
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Best Phone Type *
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Current Street Address *
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Rent / Payment Amount *
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Gross Monthly Income *
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# Months at job *
Occupation *

You may also use other sources of income (financial aid, social security, loans, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, family assitance, etc..). You will be required to provide recent copies documenting each source of income.

Alternate Income Type 1
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Alternate Income Type 3

Applicant Signature (Equivalent to written signature when typed online)

I understand my screening fee is non-refundable. As a co-signer of a lease, you are guaranteeing that all terms, covenants and provisions of the lease are unconditionally met and agree to all terms of said lease. All co-signers are required to fill out an application form, have their application information verified, and submitted to the manager for approval. Co-signers are jointly and severally liable for all terms of the lease including rent, damages, and all rules and regulations. Co-signers cannot be removed from the lease during the lease term.

If there are any problems during the lease term (for example, noise complaints, pet problems, or any other kind of problems that may arise due to the lessee (s) not following the rules and regulations of their lease), the co-signer(s) will be held equally responsible. If any problems persists and management has no other option but to evict the lessee (s), the co-signer(s) will be held equally responsible for unpaid rent, utilities, and damages until the apartment is re-rented.

By Checking this box, I have read and agreed to the terms stated above and acknowledge that this is a binding electronic transaction equivalent to a written signature